Welcome to the Fire Safety Life Blog

Firstly, let me thank you for visiting my blog, and introduce myself...

My name is Tony and I’m a fire service enthusiast with a degree in Fire and Safety Management, and a keen interest in all things fire and safety related.

I have developed this blog as it will hopefully allow me to share some of my expert knowledge that I have gained over the years with yourself, and others who may visit this site.

I have several other non-fire and safety interests, one of which is clay pigeon shooting. I never really saw the attraction of this sport until I watch one of our boys win gold at the London Olympics,  and thought that it might be fun give it a try (Unfortunately I can’t shoot as well as him, but I’m definitely hooked!).

I am also a keen golfer, with a handicap of 17 (on a good day!) and often visit golf courses in other countries whenever possible.

I like to travel, although normally it is not through choice, but due to work commitments (which most of the time means I haven’t got time to play golf!), as I work for a multinational company as a fire safety advisor, inspector, and risk assessor.

This year I have been to northern Spain, which was fantastic, as I love good food and wine, with my Albarino (from Galicia) being my favourite white, and Rioja being my favourite red.

Anyway, enough about my vices….

Thanks again for stopping by, and I Hope you enjoy reading my posts.